Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Our Traditional Early Christmas Gifts - Day 20 - 25 Days of Christmas

A little background on myself and my husband, we seem to give each other gifts early...I think last year was the only year that we made it to Christmas day.  BUT we had already showed each other the gifts we got each other prior, but we wrapped them for the sake of Christmas morning, for all intensive purposes.

I don't know why we do it, I cannot hold water when it comes to a gift and it never fails I can pretty much always guess what some one is giving me.  My brother is the same way, his wife calls us both gift ninjas.

Well this year my husband had to have a gift for me delivered to, guess who, me...{insert evil laugh here}.  So the FedEx package was delivered and I could not help myself, see I already know what it was, but I just had to open it.  It was sitting there calling my name...."April, open me, you know you want to, Justin won't find out, try me out"  And I cracked, I ripped open the FedEx package and eagerly opened my gift and to my surprise (not really) it was my blue tooth keyboard and case for my ipad.  I quickly read the directions, synced my iPad, took it for a quick spin and then placed all back in the box and even slid it back into the Fedex package.  I felt satisfied but then I was mad because I wanted it, how dare he tease me with a gift and not let me have it. lol

Here is text messages back and forth...

Okay so I guess I should show you my gift, right?  I really works great and I am so happy to have it.  Oh, wait how would I know that, it's a Christmas gift and Christmas isn't even here yet........DUH! I got it early, there was no sense in wrapping it up, I mean why waste the paper. :)

My screen looks really dirty in this picture, oops, guess I should have cleaned that first, good thing I don't do product photography, I would suck.

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