Sunday, January 4, 2015

2015 Planner Set Up

I updated my midori style/fauxdori from Chic Sparrow for the new year.  I've added a custom flyleaf/dahsboard.  A daily page, lots of tabs, page flags and much more.  Below are a few still pictures for you but you can also head over to my Youtube channel {link below} and see a full walk through video discussing it all.  Enjoy!

My small brain dump/scratch pad book I carry with me all the's field size and I use it to jot down anything I need that may need to go in my planner at some point.

And here is the laminated fly leaf/dashboard I created to go in my traveler's notebook.  I wanted something other than the plain clear fly leaf, so I opted for some pictures and a few of my favorite quotes, at least it's something pretty to look at as soon as I open the planner. 

Here is a top look at my month tabs and a current month page flag I made using my Zink Happy+, I plan to do a video on this real soon.  I think it's an awesome tool that makes things very fast.

And I still keep a modified bullet journal, below is my tipped in key and the stamp I used to make daily stickers for the bullet journal.  I don't do the calendar part but I do create a monthly list and then a daily list of tasks as well.  

And last but certainly not least I wanted to share how I make a lot of my reminder page flags, I use this set of colorful page flags that I got from the container store, the Iconic stamp set from Studio L2E and a stazon ink pad.  I love to have these so I can put them in quickly as reminders for things coming up or things I need to remember.

And now the link to my new video on my YouTube channel, I hope you find it useful, please give it a thumbs up and subscribe to my channel I've got some great ideas for 2015 to share with you all!