Friday, August 31, 2012

Favorite Five on Friday

I'm all over the place with today's Favorite Five on Friday...I found several things this week that I really liked so here they are...

1. Jackie with What A Scrappy Life posted a link to a blog post she did back in June and I love the idea.  She posted the link on the Studio Calico message board this week so I thought I would share with any of those that missed it. 

We all have those random cuts from the Cameo but no real way to keep up with them, she shows on her blog post how she stores them in albums to flip through as needed.  

You can see her post here: Jackie-Cameo Love Keeping It Together

2. Cathy Zielske posted on her blog a little video of how she does the screen captures from her phone...

3. A Vegas Girl At Heart...I found this blog through Pinterest and she has some fun freebies perfect for Project Life.  I really like them and they are free!

4. This post on What A Beautiful Mess, I though was pretty useful, I have some corner punches and I am not sure what to do with them sometimes, so why not make medallions out of them.

5.  I couldn't finish of this post with out my favorite quote of the week being #5 ....

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

A Little Birdie Told Me - Layout Share

I'm finishing up the August kit for Studio Calico...I think I have just a couple of solid pages left and I am on a mission to kill the kit this weekend!

This is a picture my sister-in-law sent me in a text on my birthday, it was so cute to get this as if my nephew was saying Happy Birthday to me....

I started off with some modeling paste and some doilies and then layered up some washi tape.  I cut up the OA paper, I loved all the banners on the page but I wanted to use them in layers...this I think is the most colorful and busiest page I've done thus far.  

Friday, August 24, 2012

Favorite Five on Friday

My five things today, lets cut to the chase...

1. I would like to share a link to a give away that I was directed to yesterday on another scrapper's blog, if you share this giveaway on your blog and so forth you are entered into a contest, who doesn't love contests, lol.  I need all of these flair buttons, they are too cute. I'm just now starting in on the game and I need to stock up.

So go check it out the Greatest View Giveaway....

2. Stephanie Baxter posted on her blog her plan for her Project Life 2012, using a variety of products.  She is using the new Studio Calico Handbook that should be coming out soon and a lot of their other products, I especially love their roller date stamp, I want that one so bad!!  She has some SNAP items from Simple Stories and even some of Becky Higgins new release items.  

I am really considering my options for next year, I hardly do any 4x6 photos for my current book and I feel like some of my spreads are just wasted space and it can get a little time consuming trying to fill it all.  

So go check out Stephanie Baxter at Life In Paper and Glue and read all about her plan. 

3. My oldest daughter will be a senior this year and she is really into instagram, aren't we all? I want to do a journal type project life book for her senior year.  Just capturing all the random things and the important milestones that she will have, so I am really thinking I will go this route.  I love the idea that Shelley at The House of Smith's posted on her blog. She decided to simplify her project life.  She uses a lot of instagram and this just seems like the perfect route for me to accomplish this book for my daughter.  I love the page protectors she is using.  She also gives you a link to Followgram which is another way for you to see your instagram feed on your computer, I have a different way but I am totally switching to this one, this is the only place I have found that shows the actual date you took the picture.  Yes, you read correctly the date.  I hate how instagram only shows the weeks or days or hours or minutes....drives me insane when I am looking for a specific day for my kid's pictures.

So go check out and read Shelley's blog post over on The House of Smiths

4. This is not at all related to project life or crafts but this is on my wishlist, it's actually on the top of my wishlist...I really really want this.  But it's sold out right now.....

It's a case for my iphone that looks like a Rangefinder, lol.  Be still my heart....

You can find it here on the Photo Jojo site.

5. Lastly my favorite quote of the week....

I tend to tickle my husband and he hates it... admittedly I do as well.  So I don't know why I do it to

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Throwback Thursday - Triple Threat

So this edition of Throwback Thursday has a little bit of variety, the scrapbooking kind (I use that term loosely) and the photo type.

I have another old layout that I am sharing that was from Feb 2003, it's a two page spread I did of my son (who is now 11) about his first haircut.  I am grateful that I captured things like this but I am so disappointed in my execution, lol.  I cannot believe I have a pocket with some of his hair.  I mean one curl would be cute, but it looks like I have a little mini Afro in the pocket.  I am looking at the title and this is when I first started embossing, I used silver and embossed squares several times and then I think maybe the third or forth time I stamped on the square to make the letter impression, I was cutting edge back then, or so I thought.  I do love that technique, maybe I will have to try that again sometime soon. 
The 2nd leg of this Throwback Thursday is a picture of my girls... I have to share this picture that my two daughters sent me last week, they both were going through each other's boxes of pictures and were finding old embarrassing (to them) photos of each other and posting them on Instagram and tagging each other, it turned into a real battle.  I mean there were even some tears.  The top picture was when they were ages 6 and 4 and then the bottom picture is current and they are 17 and 15.  I cannot wait to to a page about this.

So keeping with the Throwback Thursday theme, the 3rd leg, here is one of the first pictures my now husband and I took when we were dating, this picture is from 2006.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Layout Share & Sneak Peek a "Mr 1 Derful" aka Nathan

So here is my last layout to share, I am super busy right now editing all these pictures and creating these idea badges for the YFF (Youth Football Federation & Cheer).  I may not get to scrap for another week or so, I might try to sneak something in this weekend.  I really want to kill the August kit.

This layout "You Can't Spell GAME Without ME" is of one of my son's, last year was his first year playing football for middle school and he is so serious about the game.  He is a very competitive kid anyways and he's good at just about any sport.  We decided the regular cookie cutter school football picture just wasn't going to be good enough so I took him out to a field and did my own session with him.  The mood of the picture really shows this attitude and confidence about playing the game so I knew this quote would go perfect for this picture.  

It's really simple but I wanted the picture and the title to be the main focus I wanted the whole mood of the page to be based on the picture.

And now a little sneak peek of my nephew who is turning one next month.  I did his first birthday pictures and his cake smash this past Sunday so I thought I would share a few of his pictures.  I have plenty more to edit but I wanted to share his pure cuteness now.

His birthday theme that I help my sister-in-law come up with is a super hero one but he is the super hear called MR 1 DERFUL....we wanted something fun and different and this is the cutest theme. I cannot wait to share his party after happens. 


Monday, August 20, 2012

Weekend Recap & A Layout Share

Weekend Recap...
1. My husband was my assistant at the football badge session I did for a little league 
2. Got to do a little school clothes shopping 
3. My 17yr old is going to be a cashier at a local grocery store and she made a 100 on her TABC training. 4. I did a "MR 1- DERFUL" cake smash session with my nephew for is upcoming 1st  birthday. 
5.Spent the day with my family for my brother's 32nd birthday.

Layout Share...
This weekend just came and went so very fast, it's such a shame, I need more!!  Last week I finished my 6th and 7th layout using my August Studio Calico kit.  I'm running thin with it,I have only one or two full sheets left and I managed to use only a couple of things here and there from my stash.  Now it's time to start adding in extras from my stash to finish out this kit.  I am really hoping to get it all used up before my next one gets here in September.  

Here is layout number 6, I used the wood grain cardstock as my background and some metallic rub on ink to give it some color and to show the lines.  These metallic rub ons are from my stash, from back in 2004, I believe.  Yeah way back, they look sort of like watercolors but they are more like a paste, very thin.  I just used my finger to rub it all in and smear it back and for.  It almost looks like a vivid chalk with a shimmer.  I really wish I could find these some where again, I loved them back years ago.

I liked the silver letter stickers that came in the kit but I didn't have much to add that matched so I took some of the chip and stick banner and button pieces and painted them silver and then added silver stickles to the them that way I could accent around and pick up the silver glitter color.  I think it worked well.

Here is a look at layout # 7....

Friday, August 17, 2012

Favorite Five on Friday

In an effort to do more blogging I am not going to share my layout today but show you five of my favorite things that I love this week.

  I got three things craft related, one quote and one tv related to share today.

First let me start with this FREE download for some simple yet cute instagram frames for project life.  You can find the link to down load on Three Paper Peonies. I really like these and I think they would be fun to use in an instagram mini.

I am trying to decide on a mini album idea for our summer vacation to the beach and I really think this one is simple yet really cute and seems easy enough (as in not too time consuming.) You can find it here on Tiny Natt's Blog

I just love anything related to mini pictures for my project life and these frames are really cute and at a good price of only  $2.44, you can find them here on The Lilypad

Favorite Quote this week...

I was teasing my friend who said, "You are so creative and I can't make anything to save my life" (now to my non craft friends I seem to be a star but it's only because they don't see all the amazing people out on the web, so we will keep that as our little secret. lol  After she said that I remembered this quote that I had seen and respond with it to her.... (it was a pretty cute in the moment kind of thing, lol)

And on a non crafty note, my favorite part of this week was that it was Shark Week on the Discovery channel. I love this week. I really wish it would be Shark Month. lol I have this fascination with Sharks and me weird I guess.  It would be nice if they did an Alligator week too.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Throwback Thursday Plus Some Current Layouts

I have pulled up the very first layout that I posted on to two peas back in November of 2002, that is over 10 years ago.  I have an old gallery there under a different pea name, I had taken a several year break from scrapbooking when I divorced my kids' dad and when I got back to it, I had forgotten my pea name.  

With today being Throwback Thursday I figured instead of an old picture of me and my husband I thought I would go back and find an old layout to share.  Wow is all I can say, lol.  The picture is horrible too. 

This was about our California trip, it's a 2 page spread (I was really into those) all about our day at the San Diego Zoo.
And here is a look at two layouts I finished yesterday...I think I have made some tweaks, lol. I'm still using the August kits from Studio Calico and I have to say that that I am loving the fact that I can get such a variety of colors.  I have managed to get some soft tones and some bold bright ones, it's just great that I feel I can get so many looks out of the same kit.  I was really worried that joining the kit club that I would have a hard time making my pages all look different and honestly it has bee a no brainer.  Studio Calico really does put some truly good kits together.

This is one of our pit bulls and since they are inside dogs they are not much for the outside heat here in Texas but Solae loves to go outside roll in the grass and sun bathe.  It's the funniest thing she will lay like that for several minutes.

This was my first time using an enlarged photo, I have been wanting to try it and I am very pleased with the results. I wanted the page to be fun and silly just like my kids in the photo.

Oh an here is another sneak at what's I'm in the middle of creating...notice another great color scheme. lol

Thanks for looking!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

What's on my work desk...

Getting home at 3:45pm really gives me some time to myself and I have been engulfed in scrapbooking lately.    I just cannot get enough of it. My mojo is flowing and I don't want it to stop. lol  This is my first time subscribing to a kit club and I will say for my first month I'm pleased, I got the add ons that I wanted and I am having a lot of fun getting creative with all the goodies.  I finished my 4th layout with the kit last night and I started planning my 5th, so when I finished up yesterday this is what my desk looked like.

And this is layout # 4, waiting to be photographed...
"The Dog Days Of Summer Can Be WUFF"

Our dogs are inside dogs and when you do let them into the back yard, you will always find Solae sun bathing. 

Monday, August 13, 2012

Layouts to share...

I enjoyed my week of vacation, I took the time off and didn't do anything but relax around the house and doing some crafty things that I really like.  I am almost caught up on my project life book.  I have taken pictures everyday and the info is store in my momento app I just am behind on printing the pictures and creating the pages.  But I am closer to being done and I am happy about that.

I also recently joined Studio Calico, a monthly kit club and I love the first kits I received.  I really had a lot of fun putting together these layouts.

So this layout is my favorite, it reminds me of the way I used to scrapbook, I loved using quotes or poems as my titles.  This is an old picture of my now 15 yr old, back in her messy eating days, lol.  I used some white cardstock from my stash but the paper in the frames if from the Drive In addon and I also mixed in some papers from Summer of '69. The colored butterflies I cut from paper from the Mama's Porch addon the white one I just punched from white cardstock.  The script font I cut with my cameo and the white letters are from Pebbles and they were in the 5 & Dime addon kit.

This is my main kit (Summer of '69) only layout .  When I saw this background paper I knew I wanted to use it for some of the parasailing pictures from our vacation. It was a perfect fit. I made the quote brads with my tool and I really like how the title sort of frames the picture of my daughter.

For this one I used paper & mini markets from Summer of 69, I used paper and washi from 5 & Dime and I used paper, butterflies & washi from Mama's Porch.  I also painted three of the wood veneer bicycles to match as well.  I added in the Colorbok chipboard frames but just painted them to match.