Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A Mother's Challenge - A photo a month of me and my kids

I came across the best photography challenge here! It's inspiring and has such a wonderful meaning behind it and it will leave a legacy for my kids.

I'm making it a goal to take one photo of myself with my kids at least once a month. This may seem easy but for me I hate to take pictures and this will really be a challenge for me to get past my insecurities. I don't plan to use the excuse that I have no make up on or I don't like what I'm wearing or that I look fat or that my hair isn't kids won't care about that. I never look back on pictures of me with my mom and think anything of the sort, I cherish the pictures we have together.

My kids.....

Alexis -16, future nurse, goes to a career high school, is extremely athletic and physically strong, she's my oldest, a free spirit and expressive girl, you can tell by the piercings. She's my strong willed independent child, she has overcome a lot of emotional challenges but she's headed in the right direction and I couldn't be more proud of her.

Sonja - 13, future vet, wants to go to Tx A&M, currently studying to skip some academic classes next year, loves soccer and plays volleyball and basketball. She's well rounded soft spoken and wears her heart on her sleeves....can cry at the drop of a dime. She's beautiful inside and out and will grow into an amazing young woman.

Donovan - 11, future architect or nfl football player, loves video games, wants to play outside 24/7 in any weather....can play pretty much any sport you put him in. He is not my biological child but I love him just the same, I married his father and thus happily accepted him into my life. He's got the goofiest personality too.

Izaiah - 10, future comedian/actor/singer or anything else he puts his mind to, loves football, enjoys video games, wrestling, and polo shirts (minor obsession right now). He loves music, he sings pretty much any song and even has been known to write his own. He keeps us all laughing with some of the things he comes up with.

My photo for January.......We took this on the 17th while watching the Martin Luther King Jr Day Parade.... Is it perfect? No, poor Sonja was partially cut out but she was smiling. I don't plan to be the perfect photographer here, this is about me and the kids, period.