Thursday, June 9, 2011

My Small Business Vendor Booth

So I had a few inquiries as to how I did my set up so I thought I would share the pictures here and then a few explanations of what I did for the set up.  I liked it a lot, are there some things that I could have done different yes, did I procrastinate and wait until the last minute, lol.....Yes.  I thought the table would have been bigger and taller so I was not happy with my banner set up but I was there and there was not fixing it on the fly.  I had wanted to do a lattice trifold screen behind me and hang some pictures there but time ran out and I couldn't ask my husband to do that the day before too.  (He was up until 3:30am with me as it was the night before)

This was my first time doing something like this and I do think I could improve and change some things, a friend gave me some great advice and I need to go thank her for that.  I do know thought that I do not plan to change the colors....I love them, they are whimsical, fresh, fun, modern and of course match my business design over all.

So lets get into it....

This is the overall set up.

My daughter had these two small orange clipboards that she handed to the people who visited my booth and she let them fill out a form to enter into a chance to win a FREE Photo Session.

This is the cute jar in the back where I would then drop the info card for the drawing in.

A close up shot of my brochures.

I offered mints and I put my press printed cards out in from for people to pick up.

I made this little sign to announce the drawing.

Oh, look it's me!

 My beautiful daughter.

And now on to the actual items and set up.  I rented an orange table cloth ( I will buy one for the next time but it was only $7) I used boxes and styro foam under the orange to give height.  I bought green and teal tulle to use as a decorative item, this I think would have been better had the table been bigger, but I think it worked out okay.  The monitor I was told should have been in the middle and now I see it and I do agree, thank goodness no one knocked into the table or it could have fallen off.  I used my iPad to play a slide show of all of my images in all of my galleries on my website, it even played the music you hear on my website.  This I think was the best thing, I am so glad I did not go with the album, no one stayed long enought to flip through a full album. I did see a few across the room linger and watch the slide show a bit, so it was worth it.

These are little bitty wooden easel I found at Walmart, I painted them orange to match and the 5x7 prints are mounted on a heavy card stock.
This is the 16x20 print that I put in a poster frame (painted orange) and then I bought a table top artist easel from Hobby Lobby and painted it orange too.

This an 11x14 print that I put in a frame that I painted orange and then I used this small metal easel from Hobby Lobby that I painted orange too. The maternity image is a 12x16 print that I spray mounted onto foam core board and then trimmed it down, I was out of time and didn't have a chance to order a foam mounted picture.  I did use a foam square behind both pictures to help them stand up straight.

 For the 8x10s I just used the acrylic stands you find at Walmart for $2.50.
So that sums it all up....I do plan to make some visual changes for the next booth.

I was asked if I thought this was a benefit to me and my business, well my motto is "You have to spend $ to make $" LOL....I didn't spend that much really.  I did get a few inquiries and then today I had three emails from people who said "I saw you at the small vendor show and I want to schedule a session".
I think it could turn out good at least I gave out plenty of brochures.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Summer Mini Sessions - Now Available!

Not able to book a full session because of your budget?  Just want to get a few shots in and don't need the more that 45 minutes?  Here is a budget friendly option! 

Or if this isn't enough time for you, see below for a coupon to save on a regular priced session.

Limited to a five member family or less.  Cannot be used for sessions already booked.