Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Halloween Cupcakes - Planner Sticker Download

Hey Planner Peeps....I created this kit for Halloween.  It's a cute set of vectors that I got off of Free Pik, I added an ombre to pull it all together and I pulled a few of the images apart and created some washi as well.

Here is the set up in my personal color crush using the Sew Much Crafting inserts:

And here is the set up in my Happy Planner:

Here are the vectors that I got from Free Pik and used to create this kit, click on the name of the file to go right to the page.

 Funny Halloween Cupcakes

Cartoon Halloween Cupcakes

I hope you enjoy these, please remember to tag me on IG if you post your layout there my IG is Lifeinprint, or if you are on one of the Facebook groups tag me there too!

You can download the zip file HERE, Remember when you download it is in a zip format, you will have to then right click and unzip.  Inside you will find the PDF with registration marks and a studio file with cut lines.

Monday, October 3, 2016

Dia De Los Muertos (Sugar Skulls) - Before the Pen & Free Download

Wow, so this one got a lot of likes on IG and in the Facebook groups that I shared this in.  The demand is high, so I could not wait to post this free file.  I want you all to download it and use it while we are still in October.

Here is what it looks like in my personal size:

And here is what it looks like in my Happy Planner:

This one is one of my favorites, after the Zero Fox Given one, I saw the girl first and I knew I had to create something with it for this Halloween season.  I couldn't find sugar skulls that matched this design perfectly, so what did I do?  I improvised. lol

I found other free files on FreePik.com and once I downloaded the skulls I pulled the AI file apart and then changed the colors of some of the images, this way I could really make it match.  I also pulled some of the items out, like the diamond/stone, the roses and other flowers and created patterns that I could also add to my cameo software.

To download this the kit you can click HERE.

If you want to make this yourself, see below for the links to the images, click on the text to go directly to the images that I downloaded and used from Free Pik.

Mexican Skull Design

Zero Fox Given - Happy Planner and Personal Color Crush - Download

Hey there!  Well I have to say I got so many request for this kit and I am so sorry it took so long to post.  I did film a plan with me videos but I just got behind on editing and I know so many were looking for this kit.  I wanted to hurry and get it up so you all could use it.

Thanks for all the kind words please keep your suggests coming...I already have ideas churning for the ideas some of you have already suggested.  Let's see.... a baking one, a How to Train a Dragon (Toothless Dragon).  So please leave me ideas and I will keep up with them as best I can.

Here is what the kit looks like in my personal Color Crush and my Happy Planner.

Well with out further chit chat let me get into the meat and potatoes of this post. I use a lot of free images that I find or actual clipart that I purchase on Etsy. This kit started with me finding this really cute washi by Little B at a local craft store.

This is not my picture, just a picture I found online and it looks like you can still get this washi at this place online:

Stars Lit Studio

Alright, so for the actual sticker kit, I found files on FreePik.com and downloaded the AI files and then either pulled the patterns apart to create my own look.  For example I took mushrooms from different files then used them to create a pattern that I could load into my cameo software as a pattern.

To download this Zero Fox Given kit, please click HERE

Here are the files and the actual link to the images, click on the title to go to the location of the image at FreePik.com.

Cute Forest Animals

Lovely Autumn Characters

Hello Fall - Happy Planner and Personal Color Crush Download

Thanks for coming back.....this was just real simple Fall kit to help get me ready for the season.  Although here in Texas, there is not much of a real fall until mid to late November.  We will be lucky if it even stays a little cool.

I haven't uploaded the plan with me videos yet and it's because I am so behind, lol.  I love that you all like my sets so much and I appreciate all the kind words.  I had so many requests for the Zero Fox Give and the new Dia De Los Muertos (Sugar Skulls).

You can find the Zero Fox Given post HERE and you can find the Dia De Los Muertos (Sugar Skulls) post HERE.  I also explain where I got the images and a little about how I made them.

Here is what the Fall Kit looks like in my Happy Planner and my Personal Color Crush, you can download this Fall HERE.