Monday, October 3, 2016

Dia De Los Muertos (Sugar Skulls) - Before the Pen & Free Download

Wow, so this one got a lot of likes on IG and in the Facebook groups that I shared this in.  The demand is high, so I could not wait to post this free file.  I want you all to download it and use it while we are still in October.

Here is what it looks like in my personal size:

And here is what it looks like in my Happy Planner:

This one is one of my favorites, after the Zero Fox Given one, I saw the girl first and I knew I had to create something with it for this Halloween season.  I couldn't find sugar skulls that matched this design perfectly, so what did I do?  I improvised. lol

I found other free files on and once I downloaded the skulls I pulled the AI file apart and then changed the colors of some of the images, this way I could really make it match.  I also pulled some of the items out, like the diamond/stone, the roses and other flowers and created patterns that I could also add to my cameo software.

To download this the kit you can click HERE.

If you want to make this yourself, see below for the links to the images, click on the text to go directly to the images that I downloaded and used from Free Pik.

Mexican Skull Design


sylv said...

So pretty...thank you so much!!

Anonymous said...

I love these they are gorgeous but it wont let me download i woukd love these thank you