Monday, October 3, 2016

Hello Fall - Happy Planner and Personal Color Crush Download

Thanks for coming back.....this was just real simple Fall kit to help get me ready for the season.  Although here in Texas, there is not much of a real fall until mid to late November.  We will be lucky if it even stays a little cool.

I haven't uploaded the plan with me videos yet and it's because I am so behind, lol.  I love that you all like my sets so much and I appreciate all the kind words.  I had so many requests for the Zero Fox Give and the new Dia De Los Muertos (Sugar Skulls).

You can find the Zero Fox Given post HERE and you can find the Dia De Los Muertos (Sugar Skulls) post HERE.  I also explain where I got the images and a little about how I made them.

Here is what the Fall Kit looks like in my Happy Planner and my Personal Color Crush, you can download this Fall HERE.


sylv said...

Thank you so much!

misspirate_11 said...

I love all of these printables! Thank you so much for creating them!

Jacqueline Ballew said...

I wasn't able to download this. I got an error of some kind. Very cute! Thanks anyway. Following you on Instagram now! ��