Saturday, March 21, 2009

Surprise session this weekend....

My session that was originally scheduled for this weekend had to cancel. Seems like it's happening a lot lately, must be the recession we're in. I was really looking forward to having a session, I wanted to get out and shoot some one or something.

My neighbor who is getting married this summer hadn't taken Engagement photos yet, so I talked her and her man into having an engagement session. It was a win win situation. I got to shoot some one and she's got around to getting her much needed engagment photos. Here is a sneak peek of my favorites from the session.

This image just screams fun to me.

I love the post processing of this image, notice the motion blur? My daugther said it made her feel dizzy.

They just seem to be so in love, he really loved the "kissing" chances he got and he took full advantage.

The fact that they were so willing to laydown and get creative was really refreshing.

Silhouettes are always classice to me with couples and I love them, such an artistic way to show the love.

Always love the lomo post processing and this image just screamed for it.

A soft retro vintage is always good, in my eyes.

Can't forget the grungy look, one of my favs too.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Who this beautiful woman?

It's my mother....isn't she beautiful?

I was cleaning out my photo files tonight and came across this one. This was a little mini session I did of her back in February, she wanted a "nice" picture of herself to give to her boyfriend.

She doesn't at all look her age, does she? And she would kill me if I actually said her age. I'm 25...LOL, I wish, I'm really 32 and I can only hope that when I get to be her age I will look as young and as beautiful as she does.

I love you mom!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A little HDR fun

Things have just been hectic lately. I've been in a car accident, I was out of work for a week with pneumonia, my brother got married and I've been trying to plan my wedding. I know I have been neglecting my photography blog, I just have so much going on right now, life is crazy.

I have been learning and playing with HDR, it something that I am really loving right now. So I thought I would post a few examples to at least get something up on my blog.