Friday, December 23, 2016

New Year's Weekly Kit - Free Printable is another great kit.  And like always I have it for the Classic, Mini and Big HP, the Recollections Spiral and a Personal Size Planner.

Each one is a bit different and I'm happy with the way they all came out, I hope you all can use them and again, please tag me if you post on IG or Facebook!

This is what the Classic HP looks like:

This is what the Mini HP looks like:

This is what the Big HP looks like:

This is what the Recollections Spiral looks like:

And finally this is what the Personal Kit looks like:

To download the zip file all you need to do is just click HERE.


Thursday, December 22, 2016

2017 Planner Line Up...this is what I'll be using this year.

Hey planner peeps,

I have a different type of post today, I decided to film a video about my planner line up for 2017. I'm using 5 different one but they all do truly have a purpose.

1. Mini HP - I couldn't pass this cutie up, I do decorate the weeks and I am using it as a daily journal or where I can jot down something about each day. No extra stickers other than the initial decoration, I wanted this to be strictly me writing in my own handwriting.  I keep this in my purse/bag or most times by my side of the bed.

2. Personal Size Recollections binder - this is my planner on the go as well as my wallet.  It's always with me.  I have several personal size binder that I can switch out often.

3. Recollections Spiral (smaller size one) - this is my at home planner, I can use all the stickers I want, plan my week out but it stays home.

4. Classic Happy Planner - this one is in one of the deluxe cases or covers, not sure what it's really called but I use this for my work planner.  It stays in  my laptop bag or on my desk in my office.

5. Big Happy Planner - I love this one and I got it strictly for my memory planning.  I cannot wait to start printing pictures for it.

So that's it for now, I mean this is as close to planner peace as I can get.  Do I think I might add or change something.....probably but hey it is what it is and I have accepted it.

Here is the video that shows and goes into more detail, feel free to check it out!

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Guess what....Classic size Happy Planner January Monthly Kit

Several have asked and I didn't purchase a new classic sized HP at first, I didn't think I would use one but I caved.  I saw a new neutral and it had to be mine.  I do have a use for another planner.....well at least I found one.  This will be my work planner. See it's settled, I needed it. I'm sure several of you out there are just like me and this is probably the story of your life too. lol  Planner girl problems!

Here is what the kit looks like:

And to download the zip file, just click HERE.

Enjoy and don't forget to tag me on IG or Facebook....I love to see how you all use it.

Friday, December 16, 2016

January 2017 Monthly Printable - Big HP, Mini HP, Recollections Spiral

Hello there planner friends.....

I finally finished my January 2017 monthly kit.  It was a long road because I was still trying to decide what planners (yeah multiple) for 2017.

I made this kit to fit the Mini HP, the Big HP and the Recollections Spiral bound planners.  I am not using the Classic HP size this year so I don't have a new one to measure for the months.  The old one has this weird month title that dips down in the the box and I know the new version doesn't.  I'm sorry to those that do use it.  Maybe things will change....

*Don't forget, tag me on IG (PlanningSavage) or in one of the many Facebook planner groups (April Lewis), I love seeing how you use the kits.

Here is what the kit looks like for the Big HP:

Here is the Mini HP version:

And for the Recollections Spiral bound I actually went with a mint green to match the monthly colors.

Like always to get the file you just need to click HERE, remember it is a zip file will all kits, you can pick and choose what you print.  Once you download the zip file you have to unzip to use it.

Have fun!!

Monday, December 5, 2016

3 Printable December Weekly Kits for Free!

I created three kits that I want to share with you all, they are all three different in their own way.  Each zip file will have enough for a classic Happy Planner, a mini Happy Planner and a personal size (using Sew Much Crafting Inserts).

Feel free to download one or all three, and please tag me on Instagram: @PlanningSavage or tag me in one of the many Facebook groups I'm in (April Lewis).  I would love to see how you use these.


Kit # 1 is the Latte Lover, it's a little peppermint with cool Christmas vibe very non traditional colors, the image shown below is the Mini Happy Planner page.  Feel free to download the zip file HERE.

Kit #2 is Santa Season, a very traditional but with a fun vibe all about the big jolly fellow himself. The image pictured below is everything you get with the Personal Size pages. Feel free to download the zip file HERE.

Kit #3 is Polaroid Christmas, it's got great cool tones but with cute Christmas woodland creatures ready to celebrate the season. The image pictured below is the classic Happy Planner version.  Feel free to download the zip file HERE.

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Personal Recollections & Happy Planner - Plan With Me - Pastel Doodle Christmas - Free Printable

Okay finally I have my Personal and my Happy Planner Plan with Me videos up now!  I'm using the same kit as I did in the Mini HP but with a few minor changes.

You can download the zip file that contains all three versions of my kits as well as the cut files, by clicking HERE.

Here is what my final spread ended up looking like on my Sew Much Crafting vertical inserts.

This is what my Happy Planner ended up looking like:

Here is the link to the Recollections Plan With Me video:

And here is the link to the Happy Planner Plan with Me video: