Thursday, December 22, 2016

2017 Planner Line Up...this is what I'll be using this year.

Hey planner peeps,

I have a different type of post today, I decided to film a video about my planner line up for 2017. I'm using 5 different one but they all do truly have a purpose.

1. Mini HP - I couldn't pass this cutie up, I do decorate the weeks and I am using it as a daily journal or where I can jot down something about each day. No extra stickers other than the initial decoration, I wanted this to be strictly me writing in my own handwriting.  I keep this in my purse/bag or most times by my side of the bed.

2. Personal Size Recollections binder - this is my planner on the go as well as my wallet.  It's always with me.  I have several personal size binder that I can switch out often.

3. Recollections Spiral (smaller size one) - this is my at home planner, I can use all the stickers I want, plan my week out but it stays home.

4. Classic Happy Planner - this one is in one of the deluxe cases or covers, not sure what it's really called but I use this for my work planner.  It stays in  my laptop bag or on my desk in my office.

5. Big Happy Planner - I love this one and I got it strictly for my memory planning.  I cannot wait to start printing pictures for it.

So that's it for now, I mean this is as close to planner peace as I can get.  Do I think I might add or change something.....probably but hey it is what it is and I have accepted it.

Here is the video that shows and goes into more detail, feel free to check it out!


kc71595 said...

So does that mean you will not be making weekly layout stickers for the Mini? I'm just curious, because I love the monthly layout you just did for January and I'm eager to start decorating my mini for the new year! Thank you for your generosity!
TIA! :)

April Michelle said...

No I plan to still make the kits often...I still love the Mini decorated, it's just my version will have just the base while the free one I post will have all the items people might need to use.

Naia Kennedy said...
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AnnaK said...

I loved this video and found your blog through it! Thank you for offering beautiful free printable content!

rithkhmer said...

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