Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Zero Fox Given - Before the Pen

I think this was my favorite kit to make thus far.  I think it's because the quote is just my absolute favorite play on words.  As usual there is enough for a personal and a Happy Planner layout, I also include an additional sheet of washi.

I hope to have the videos up soon as well as the free download.

Oh and if any of have some suggestions one future designs I would love to get your ideas....maybe I can use your idea to make a free download in the near future.


Talia Rowell said...

Could you make a toohless the dragon for "How to train your dragon" he is my favorite dragon!!!!

Janelle said...

I think this might be my favorite too. Though I keep saying that. At first I thought it was the yellow and gray elephants, then the doggies, now this one! Haha

Debbie brazell said...

This is sooo cute. I love the fox. Actually though I have loved all of them. the puppies are in my planners this week. I'd love to see a layout involving baking. I love to bake in the fall. Thank you so much for sharing.

nekromistress said...

I'm in love with this set. Can't wait till you upload it. :)