Monday, October 3, 2016

Zero Fox Given - Happy Planner and Personal Color Crush - Download

Hey there!  Well I have to say I got so many request for this kit and I am so sorry it took so long to post.  I did film a plan with me videos but I just got behind on editing and I know so many were looking for this kit.  I wanted to hurry and get it up so you all could use it.

Thanks for all the kind words please keep your suggests coming...I already have ideas churning for the ideas some of you have already suggested.  Let's see.... a baking one, a How to Train a Dragon (Toothless Dragon).  So please leave me ideas and I will keep up with them as best I can.

Here is what the kit looks like in my personal Color Crush and my Happy Planner.

Well with out further chit chat let me get into the meat and potatoes of this post. I use a lot of free images that I find or actual clipart that I purchase on Etsy. This kit started with me finding this really cute washi by Little B at a local craft store.

This is not my picture, just a picture I found online and it looks like you can still get this washi at this place online:

Stars Lit Studio

Alright, so for the actual sticker kit, I found files on and downloaded the AI files and then either pulled the patterns apart to create my own look.  For example I took mushrooms from different files then used them to create a pattern that I could load into my cameo software as a pattern.

To download this Zero Fox Given kit, please click HERE

Here are the files and the actual link to the images, click on the title to go to the location of the image at

Cute Forest Animals

Lovely Autumn Characters


Pam said...

Thank you so much! I don't know what it is about foxes, but lately I am loving them.

Nicole Anderson said...

Will these be available in mini happy planner? Would love them.