Monday, November 21, 2016

New Happy Planner Mini Monthly Download

I had to get the new Mini Happy Planner and I love it.  I plan to use it as a daily journal to help me with my memory keeping planner.  I don't plan to add pictures just words of what happened that day, reflecting back or maybe just things I'm grateful for.

Since it's undated I decided to start with December....I simply cannot wait until January.  However I did create a December and January monthly kit.

I know for sure I plan to decorate my weekly spreads, I'm already working on one, I mean I cannot just jot down things in an planner that is simply not decorated. LOL....  So stay tuned for those weekly printable kits soon.

Here is what the stickers look get December and January!

You can see the video here:

And you can download the file by clicking here: DOWNLOAD


Anonymous said...

Wow...thank u!!! Love them!!!!

Janelle said...

So cute! Haven't picked one up yet but now I might have to haha

Sue Rentfrow said...

Thank you so much!I am loving my mini!

April Michelle said...

Awesome, glad you all are liking them!

Desirae said...

Too cute! Just printed so I can play with them tomorrow. Thanks for sharing!