Thursday, August 23, 2012

Throwback Thursday - Triple Threat

So this edition of Throwback Thursday has a little bit of variety, the scrapbooking kind (I use that term loosely) and the photo type.

I have another old layout that I am sharing that was from Feb 2003, it's a two page spread I did of my son (who is now 11) about his first haircut.  I am grateful that I captured things like this but I am so disappointed in my execution, lol.  I cannot believe I have a pocket with some of his hair.  I mean one curl would be cute, but it looks like I have a little mini Afro in the pocket.  I am looking at the title and this is when I first started embossing, I used silver and embossed squares several times and then I think maybe the third or forth time I stamped on the square to make the letter impression, I was cutting edge back then, or so I thought.  I do love that technique, maybe I will have to try that again sometime soon. 
The 2nd leg of this Throwback Thursday is a picture of my girls... I have to share this picture that my two daughters sent me last week, they both were going through each other's boxes of pictures and were finding old embarrassing (to them) photos of each other and posting them on Instagram and tagging each other, it turned into a real battle.  I mean there were even some tears.  The top picture was when they were ages 6 and 4 and then the bottom picture is current and they are 17 and 15.  I cannot wait to to a page about this.

So keeping with the Throwback Thursday theme, the 3rd leg, here is one of the first pictures my now husband and I took when we were dating, this picture is from 2006.


Crystal Yocum said...

Love this...I have layouts that look like that too! LOL I love the pics of the girls and you guys, your girls are very pretty!! :)

beckynoelle said...

your comment about the pocket of hair made me choke on my diet coke :)

love all of the pictures!

Sparklin said...

Love the pics of your girls! They're increcibly pretty!

pinkalishious said...

lovely girl page using boy colours xx

Karen said...

I ahve LOs that look awflly similar to yours :P Love the pics of your girls - they are both lovely :)

Elisa said...

Love your comment about the hair, so funny - it is lovely that you kept his hair in the layout. I have no idea where i put my childrens'.

Your daughters are stunning!