Monday, December 12, 2011

Catching Up - Day 10, 11 & 12 - 25 Days of Christmas

Okay so the weekend had me busy, I went to a Christmas party with my mom, we took family pictures on Sunday (don't get me started on that).  I was just so busy I never sat down to edit any thing.  I was doing so good too.  Oh well at least I took the pictures, that is an accomplishment in it's self.

Day 10 - Tiffany, My Mom & Me - Headed to the KBR Christmas Party

Day 11 - The Whole Family 

**Quote from my brother about our big family picture " Tiffany and I look like the cracker neighbors that just jumped in the picture" LOL...I love my brother.

And when we did the picture of just the grand kids, my sister-in-law sang "one of these are not like the others...."  My little nephew is the one not of mixed race...

Day 12 - Our Christmas Tree
I'm really happy with how it looks this year, I love the new colors I chose.

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Jenn said...

The family picture is awesome!!! Haha JR and his comments!