Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Just the girls - Day 7 - 25 Days of Christmas

Today was the Volleyball banquet for my was supposed to be a "dressy" occassion and since we were all dressed pretty I figured it would be a great chance for a mom and daughters picture. 

So today's picture is of me and my girls... (oh and keep scrolling down you can see more of my girls)

I'm not sure why Sonja does this silly face it's her weird smile....she is such a beautiful girl but she says she hates her smile.  She is still beautiful even if she gives this goofy half smile.

 And this one here, oh my she just looks so grown but she's only 17...everyone things she looks just like me, hmmmm I don't know.


Mrs. Stephanie Pitre said...

Beautiful ladies! And yes, she looks just like you. :-)

R and J Studios said...

So much prettiness!