Wednesday, December 21, 2011

A Cup of Happy - Day 21 - 25 Days of Christmas

I didn't take a picture of the yummy starbucks drink that I love so much, but I had taken a picture a while ago and decided tonight I wanted to put it on a scrapbook page, so today I took a picture of the page I finished, lol.  I liked the way it turned out and I was able to use some items from my actual cups.  Yes I do save silly stuff...

The Good Stuff - White Chocolate Mocha

I also started working on my Project Life book for 2012, I didn't finish last year and I have a new approach for this year so I'm hoping I can follow through this time.

Here is a look at the first part of my title page.


Vanessa said...

Nice layot. I love scrapbooking about my coffee! lol.

Tracy said...

I really like your page for today :)
I didn't do a December Daily this year.
I didn't complete my Project 365, but have great plans on finshing one for 2012....good luck to you :)