Thursday, December 8, 2011

Door Wreath - Day 8 - 25 Days of Christmas

Today's picture is my DIY Wreath...

After looking at all the beautiful wreath inspiration on Pinterest, I was inspired to make my first door wreath.  I wanted to spice things up this year and have a really fun color palette.  I'm doing green, red, blue and pops of pink.  As my husband said "Pink is not a Christmas color" but I beg to differ I think any color could be a Christmas color if you want it to and I wanted Pink. lol  I'm really happy how all of my decor is coming together, I've got more to finish and show stay tuned.

It was really simple, I took a dollar store wreath and tied different colored tulle around it. I then took a bag of dollar store ornament ball garland and spray painted it silver. (They only had them in these dark colors and as you can see that would not have matched my color scheme this year.)  I also bought a dollar store bell, it was green, they didn't have silver, so I had to spray paint that as well.  The Merry Christmas sign was, you guessed it a dollar at the dollar store.  The ribbon I already had and the tulle was half off at Hobby Lobby a while back.  So this cost me about $10 give or take.

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