Saturday, December 1, 2012

It's been a month but I have somethings to share...

Wow, I cannot believe it has been a whole month since I blogged last, well I take that back, I can believe it, life happens after all.  I have a lot I could blog about but I'll start with what I have been up to.

November was busy and we had a great Thanksgiving...we spent some time with my family and with my husbands family.

While a I a few days off of work I got caught up on my project life album... I sat and made all my weekly cards and then spend two straight days printing pictures and catching up.  It feels awesome to be caught up.

My husband finally agreed to get rid of his Ford Explorer, it had over 250K miles on it, it was paid for but it was giving us lots of issues and it would need a fill up three times a week, it was killing us.  He agreed to trade it in and he now is a proud Toyota Camry owner.  I like driving it from time to time but I found out I enjoy driving my big Yukon more, I feel way more secure. lol

We got some really fun Texan shirts, mines black but they say the same thing.

For Thanksgiving we were two kids short but my daughter's boyfriend joined us and we all wore Texan shirts for the day....and we did win that day!  We took this picture outside of my brother home as we were leaving for food stop #2 with my husband's family.

Okay that about sums up November, I do have some layouts I want to blog but I'll be back later to do that!


Linda Roessler said...

I like how you do your weekly cards showing the week that it covers with the calendar! too cute :)

gale said...

Love the calendar cards!! Congrats to your hubby on his new car. Is he adjusting after going from the SUV to a car?

Cindy Jones said...

You have a beautiful family. Your teenage girl is adorable. Congratulations to your daughter for passing her driving test.

Anonymous said...

your family photo is adorable! I also love my Yukon and wouldn't give it up.

Cherise said...

Wow April, these week cards are cute! I saw ur post in 2peas and hopped on over. Definitely feel inspired to try this!