Sunday, December 2, 2012

Project Life 2012 - I'm current!

I'm excited to say that I am caught up and I am current on my weeks.  Yay me!

I haven't shared my spreads here on my blog in a long time so I figured I would share this past weeks for kicks and giggles.

I would say that 80% of my journal cards are ones I created in photoshop and printed, I am actually compiling some so that I can share them as free downloads here on my bog.  I also use a lot of my stash and left over studio calico kits as well as the Turquoise kit that I had left over from my epic fail of PL 2011.

I try to keep my spreads as simple as I can, I want it to have a little interest with a small explanation of the pictures and I want it to come together fast, so I try not to over this too much and I don't redo mistakes either.  For example the top right picture on the second page spread was all created in photoshop and it's printed with my canon selphy so it's very slick.  I tried stamping with stazon ink but it slipped but I said oh well, I wrote in the date a little with a sharpie and called it done. lol  If I want it done I don't have time to fuss over it or make it "perfect".  It's my imperfect life and this book is a good example of that.

Sorry but I got a neat email and wanted to put it in my PL album but it's not something I can share so I grayed it out.


Claire T said...

Love your approach to PL. I got way too involved and burnt out at the end of June. I have all the photos printed but I can't see me looking at it again until January!

gale said...

Love these everyday pics on this!

stefani said...

I love how every section has a photo.