Friday, September 23, 2011

Donovan - Bailey MS Football - 7th grade A Team

Donovan is special to my heart, not that he ranks above any of my other kids, not one is better than the other but what makes him so special you ask? Because see Donovan is not my biological child, I didn't birth him. He was a package along with my husband and I love him dearly. He's the sweetest boy and I love his sweet voice saying "April how was your day today?" every day when he see's me, he's usually the first one to ask anything and it's his own unique question.  I love how he'll walk up and gently rest his head on me and just say so how was your day, even if it is the 2nd or 3rd time he asked for the day.  I still answer each time. 

He is an amazing athlete and can play any sport with ease. He's the kind of kid anyone would be lucky to have around on a day to day basis.  And what is his sport of choice right now, well of course football.

I make arrangements every Monday to go to his game, I don't think I have ever missed a football game...(Actually 3 years ago when he played his Freshman year of little league, I missed it because Izaiah played on another team at different locations. So Justin and I had to split up.) And this year Izaiah has practice on Monday's, which at first worried me, I mean how can I get Izaiah to practice and still make D's games.....but luckily Izaiah has a great dad.  Even though he lives in Angleton, he will drive to Spring on Monday's pick Izaiah up and take him to practice, so I can attend Donovan's games with my husband.  (and if you don't know, Angleton is about a 60 to 90 minute drive one way from Spring, so that says a lot about his dad)

I may not be his biological mom but I do the same for him and love him the exact same as I do for my biological children.....I love our big blended family!

I have definately made football a frequent discussion on here, I can't help it, it's a major part of our lives.  And this year is another monumental year, it's Donovan's first year as a middle school football player.  He's on the 7th grade A-team, we literally are two years away from high school ball.  My husband is really looking forward to plenty more years of this. So I just have to share some images with you from last weeks games....

Okay so about this first one, this is something he does every game, several times a game, he's pointing out the ref and verifying that he is lined up correctly....just a small tid bit of info about him that the average person wouldn't notice.

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