Wednesday, August 31, 2011

PITBULLS - The True Story - Houston Pet Photography

OMG...IT'S A PITBULL...RUN...........

and love it because it will love you back unconditionally.

Our family is well blended, consisting of my husband, myself, our two girls, our two boys and three amazing dogs....our Pits.  I know there is that "FEAR" of pitbulls but before you judge the breed based on negative aspects you have to acknowledge that the follow or at least one of the following are true ...poor and uneducated ownership is high, hyped stories in the media about a dog attack usually surfaces only if the dog resembles a pitbull, the inability to prove a pitbull and not a "pitbull type dog" was the aggressor, this can only be proven by DNA.

I would consider ourselves educated with the breed, we have had all three of these dogs since the age of 6wks.  The oldest being Dejeah, has been when me for over 13 years.  The other two are 4 years old and have been with my husband and myself for their entire life.  We do not chain our dogs, we do not leave them in the yard, they are part of our family, they are a VERY important part of our family.  Our dogs are crate trained and they do sleep in their crate at night, during the day they have the run of our home.  Minus one rug mishap they have been very well behaved considering.  When we have guests over other than our family and close friends they are put in their crate. 


Actually no that is not the case, I am an educated owner, I know that these dogs are loyal and very protective of our family.  Our dogs know our kids and trust our kids as our kids trust our I worry that another child not in my family could antagonize my dog, Yes.  A lot of times they are put up because freinds that come over are scared, not because our dogs have done anything to hurt anyone but because people gather discriminating opinions about pitbulls and people have an unsupported fear, so again we crate our dogs to give ease to those that come to our house and are afraid based on their own beliefs.


It's true, if you see myself or my husband walking through the house you will see three pitbulls following closely behind and I do mean CLOSE.  If we stop too suddenly, they will run into us.  I promise you I have felt many a cold noses on the back of my knees.  Where ever we go they are sure to follow, they have to be close.  And CLOSE meaning too close, always under the desk if we are sitting at the desk, on any side of our bed, outside our bedroom door if we happen to close it quick enough to cut them off from folloing us in.

We love our dogs, they ARE part of the family and even though I may trip on them as I turn in place to walk out of a room, I would not trade them for the world. 

Check out our pits and read a little bit more individual info on each of them....

Blue Brindle
Loves water
Favorite activity fetching a basketball in the yard
Hates to be ignored and will demand your attention with a paw accross your lap
Thinks he is a lap dog, you can not sit on the ground near him or he will sit on you
Likes to lay on his back with his legs in the air

Loves to lick any part of skin but is very fond of feet, kness and under cannot wear a sleeveless shirt around this one.
Favorite activity is chasing a laser around the yard
Can jump and grab just about anything of the top of a six foot fence
Will come if you call Kaos and will push him out of the way to your your hand on her head instead.
Is fat
Has crazy dreams in her sleep
Refuses to share her food (hence her being fat)
Drouls on site with the mention of "Treat" (hence her being fat)

Blue (50% Staffordshire Terrier)
Likes to be left alone
Can barely hear or has selective hearing when you mention go outside
Likes to be left alone
Prefers me over any one
Likes to be left alone
Has long nails because she likes them as a fashion statement not that she refuses to sit still long enough for me to cut them
Hates water
Likes to be left alone
Won't chase a ball or a laser
Likes to be left alone



Great post! I have Rotties for 20 years and faced the same negativity.

Nicole D said...

awww! Kaos is sooo beautiful (erm, sorry, handsome!) We have friends who raised pits for a long time. I love the breed and have only ever known them to be like the media portrays them when:
a) the person is antagonizing the dog, not the other way around
b) the person ACTS fearful and, thus, in the dog's eyes, suspicious
c) the person IS suspicious... aka, up to no good.

I love your post and agree with it. Good for you! The only thing I was surprised at was that Dejeah didn't have her nails painted. LOL!