Thursday, August 25, 2011

Westfield Cowboys - Scrimmage #1 - Little League Football - Houston Sports Photography

It's that time again....Football season.  I'm not a big football fan at all except for my boys, when they play I can get all into it.  I don't care for the NFL, I'm just being honest.  I don't have a personal interest in it and I just cannot bring myself to watch it.  I thank god that we have 6 televisions in our house, I always have somewhere to sneak away to when my husband starts watching it. lol

Last Saturday the Junior Westfield Cowboys had their first scrimmage against the Eagles....It was was really hot....did I mention it was hot?   I can't wait for the season to get under way, but I do wish it was cooler already...these lunch time games are going to be the death of me.

Go Cowboys!


Tuddie said...

What happen to the one of my son hitting the QB ?

April Michelle said...

Ask Mr. Polk and Mr., they kept getting in front of me. I have a lot of pictures of Mr. B & Mr. P's back. :)