Friday, May 4, 2012

My Scraproom in the Family Room

I don't have a room designated for just my scrapbooking but I do have an area, more of a corner in the family room.  But it actually is plenty of space for me, I've made good use of the room I do have.

The game room consists of several areas, at the top of the stairs is the Family Communication /Homework Center that I blogged about here. There is also a desk for my husband that he doesn't really use, sometimes the boys may use his computer but it's there for him as he needs it.  Then you have our TV area, this is where the big screen and surround sound is, mainly for us to watch movies.  This room also has the extra Xbox that we use for the Rockband or DJ Hero. 

Then there is my area that I will show you now.Coming up the stairs and turning to your right you see my section in the back.

Here is a little closer look.

This is my desk, I edit pictures here, my cameo is here along with my Canon photo printer, the main wireless printer is set up on my husbands desk.

This is my main work area, I can either stand or sit, just depends what I'm in the mood for.  I got this kitchen cart at Ikea for $99.  I used small curtain hooks and attached painted wooden dowels to the end and front. The end one holds my inks that I edge with and the applicators I use with them.  The drawers hold acrylic blockss, adhesives and my distressing tools.  The black shelves are also from Ikea, the top one holds some adhesives, buttons and flowers. The one below that holds some sequence, my mini xyron, some glitter glue and some glimmer mists.  The pegboard I got at Home Depot and hods a basket of my Mister Huey's, some pop dots and some other various tools that just didn't fit in drawer or took up too much space. Below the cart and to the left are my pattern paper and scraps sorted by color in one and then the other is sets of collections in there own plastic envelopes and various paper pads.  I cannot bring myself to separate them out.

To the right of the cart you will see some drawers that I got at Ikea and they hold things like glitter, pins, staples, post-its and just lots of min things that I need.  Below that is a ribbon holder, I made this, these are ribbons I don't tend to use for scrapbooking but for gifts or other crafts.  All this is a small wooden dowel painted black and attached to the bottom of the shelf with three S hooks, so simple and cheap but out of my way.  Below them is my tool caddy I like that on the shelf and out of my workspace, next to it is my temporary hold for my letter stickers or thickers, they are filed by color, I have not found a better way yet to store them.

Here you have my rubbermaid drawers, starting from the left I  have inks, embossing powders and then various acrylic paints.  The 2nd one hold my washi tapes, ribbons, feathers, puff paints.  The last one holds punches in the first four drawers then I have twine and then raw chipboard. On top of them you have my other xyron machines and the wire shelf to the right of that holds my typewriter, my bind-it-all and some other various storage.  To the right of that the small black shelf holds my original baby bug and some other business supplies underneath that.

This is my carstock, my sewing machine and my hobby lobby clip it up.

This is the bottom of my cart, it holds some extra paper pads that do not fit in my plastic containers.  The plastic box next to them holds all of my project life items sorted in business card boxes, it's the easiest way so far for me, I can just pull it hout when I need it.  The black orgainizer at the bottom hols some 6x6 and 8x8 pads, as you can see I don't have many.

This the view from my workstation back to the top of the stairs and the family/homework center.  The note on the dry erase board does say Pray for... my daughter wrote it she has her first SAT testing tomorrow and she's pretty nervous.

This is the view from my workstation back into the family room, you can see the sectional couch helps divide the area but I can still view the tv.

Well that is my area, thanks for looking!

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Anonymous said...

You need a bigger house with a bedroom you can designate your craft/photography room. You have a ton of stuff! But it is so well organized. Love it!!