Thursday, May 31, 2012

Cheer Tragedy.....sort of.

Yesterday I got the scary call that no parent likes to get....

My daughter was at cheer practice, not for the school but for a competitive team outside of school and apparently she came down wrong on her bad ankle.  And when the coach call she said "its bad we think she needs to go to the Dr", not what I wanted to hear at all.

So my husband and I had to jump in the car and go up there.  I picked up her up and went straight to the emergency room and he took his car, the one she drove up there in home.  So a few hours later we learned it's not broken, but that would have been easier to fix but instead it's a bad sprain or even torn ligiments.  Due to the swelling they couldn't do much but put her in an air cast and put her on crouches.  We have to set an appointment up for next week witht he orthopedic doctor....this is one for my project life book.

She has been playing volleyball for several years and no issues, she goes back to competitive cheer after a long hiatus and then bam an injury....

I encouraged her to take today off from school but with there being only two weeks left she was so scared to miss any of the reviews for her finals {insert proud mom moment}.  She chose to suffer the throbbing and go off to school.  Luckily it's not her driving foot so she can still drive....she's a real trooper.

Here is my instagram recap of last night.... I love the sweet tweet my hubby sent, even though he didn't come sit up all night in the emergency room with me.
 When she got to school her first period is athletics so off to the trainers she went to and she sent me this picter of how they have her laying with her leg in the air with some contraption on her ankle.  Oh and below you will see her zebra print crouches, lol.  She said its my fault they are deocrated, I stuck her with this creative gene and no matter how much she tries to surpress it, it still comes out every once in a while.  I'm not sure if that is a compliment or jab, lol.

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Brandy Layton said...

What a brave girl, I must admit, I was the girl who went to school hurt my last week in my junior year. Kudos!