Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Project Life Week 1

My approach this year is to just go with it, I tried pre-loading my album last year and I just felt so constricted.  I love the simplicity of the whole Project Life aspect, I think it is a great way give options for everyone to preserve their memories of their everyday.  I just needed more of a creative outlet, I want to choose journal cards that I was feeling for the week, I did want to journal every single thing, just small comments, note just little bits and pieces through out the week.  After completing my first week I discovered a few things:

1. I was really okay not taking a picture everyday, I survived.  My girls took some pictures during the week and I had them text them to me plus I printed off my son's first facebook status update, it was little things that made it personal for me and not so standard, here is picture today and it it we were doing "blah blah blah"

2.  My 7D did not have to be carried every single place, my iPhone was just fine, I am like a lot of people I'm obsessed with Instagram.  My pictures did not have to be perfectly exposed, composed amazingly and I didn't have to have a depth of field.  My pictures represented us, an imperfect, impulsive and sometime dysfunctional silly family.

3. I didn't have to use the latest and greatest...I used what I had.  I actually made pretty much all of my embellishments, journal cards and random things.  I made it my own, period.

All in all I will say that I am very please with how it turned out....

I am not being particular or uniform when it comes to the weeks title, I plan to do what ever I am feel, for this week I just wanted a little symbol of where we are and I had to add the camera image.  Obviously any kind of camera is an important part for Project Life but for me because I am a part-time photographer I just want it through out randomly anyways. 

I am not going to be a stickler on the way the date is either, so things I stamped the date on somethings I created in photoshop, I think the random days of the week and the dates just gives it more character.

I print at home so with that I can make my pictures look like mini Polaroids, I love the old school look of them.  I'm glad I can use pictures my kids take it give their aspect in the book, it not just how I see things, it's the small things they want to remember too.  (yes I blurred her friend's face, I do not want to publicly share some one else's child with out permission)

So that about sums it up, I have already designed the basics for next week, I'm going with....well let me just show you what I created and printed up so far.  I'll need to add some more things but this is a good start.  Like I said each week will be random and stand on it's own.

And on another note, did you notice the fancy red sports car in the week?  Well my mother, has decided she needed a Red Hot Mama Coupe, that's what I call it. She looks great in and I am so happy for her, it makes her happy and she deserves to be.


Mary Jo Rhoda said...

I have to say, I didn't do PL this year.
I am thinking about next year for sure!
But what I am learning as I read all the PL posts, is that anything goes.
That it's better to do what works for you to help stay on track.

So I know when I do it, I will definitely not do it daily, but weekly or even monthly :)

Margie H said...

Your PL is lookin' good and you're already prepared for next week?! Lookin' even better! LOL!! Good luck with the project.

Margrethe said...

I'm loving this... And I definitely afgree with your thoughts on this!

ClaireTet said...

I totally love your approach. Your project life should be as individual as your family. I love your girls texting pictures to you. This really is a record of your family.