Friday, January 20, 2012

Another 3 Layouts from last weekend...

Rounding off with my last three layout from the six total that I completed last weekend...

Bright Eyes

My oldest is 17 this year and this is one of my favorite pictures of her this year.  She got lucky and got my eyes, their color tends to look different depending on the color clothes she wears and they are so bright and full of life....hence the bright eyes title.

This one, I used some really old 8.5x11 pattern paper, I stamped on the backside so I could do the fold down for a little more color.  I punched the hearts, dropped some watered down acrylic paint, dropped some perfect pearls mist.  I painted a paper doilie and sewed on some tulle.

Freshman Year

My Sonja is a freshman this year, this is a picture I took of her on the first day, she is doing this frown but actually it's not a frown, this is her so called smile, really?  If you ask me it sucks but hey what can I do.

For the Freshman part of the title I took translucent velum and attached some letter stickers, then painted the navy blue color then removed the letter sticker. I wanted the reverse effect here and I think it turned out pretty cute, if I do say so myself. lol  I added some tags, strips of paper in the top corner and at the bottom of the photo I used, a random Fish (get the symbolism), I aged a # 9 playing card.

True Passion

This a picture I took of my daughter for the Volleyball season, the ones the photographer that they school used was not good, so I had to do my own. She's got a passion for this sport and she really does love playing.

I used an old pattern paper, I put a strip of zebra duct take down and I took apart a flower from a broken headband (I'm recycling).  Added a little bling, tied it with a ribbon and stuck a feather on it. 


Stephanie said...

Love the layouts and I'm a particular fan of the first one--because you don't see blue and black a ton together and I love the combo. Great work!

Lisa said...

Love your layout. They are beautiful.I especially love the first one. Just love the colors. Where did you find the blue doilies? I absolutely love it!

April Michelle said...

Thanks ladies....for the Doilies, they are actually the plain white paper ones from the cake area of Michaels, but I used the same paint that I watered down for the spots and painted it to match.

Pam said...

Very pretty layouts!