Saturday, July 5, 2014

Planner Pouch Tutorial

Okay I made another planner pouch.  This time I made a little smaller than my last and it's a silver and black chevron with a yellow damask lining.  So cute!  I love it, in fact I love it so much I decided to make one more and film it as I do it so I can post the tutorial.  It was so easy, any sewing newbie can do it.

This was only my 3rd time sewing something, lol and I ended up with three planner pouches, if I can do it then anybody can.

Here is the ones I made in the tutorial and then right below it is the one I made earlier today.  Check out the bottom for a YouTube video tutorial on how I made the green pouch.

1 comment:

Jennifer W.C. said...

Just LOVE this, what a great idea to protect your planner when not in use.
So going to have to make one for my 2015 one that I oh so hope to be able to get.
Thanks for sharing this with us planner ladies.