Monday, June 30, 2014

Overview of my custom dividers in my planner

I posted a couple of pictures of the dividers I created for my Erin Condren Life Planner and had several request for information on them.

So for my dividers I have a Budget Section, Meal Planning Section, Business Section, Fitness Section, Bible Study Section and 30 days of Section.  

To create these it was really simple, but you do need a few supplies:

1. Laminator (I got one at Walmart for $19.99)
2. Laminating Sheets (Walmart has letter and legal, plus smaller sizes)
3. Scrapbooking Cardstock (preferably a two sided paper you like because you will see both sides)
4. Scissors
5. Tab Punch (I used the WRMK tab punch)

So first you want to cut your paper down to to 8 1/2 x 6 3/4, then laminate it and then add the tab and the clear overlay to seal the tab and that is it, so very easy.

Here is a video explanation of my dividers and how I use them.


savanah said...

how did you make your charts for the months you paid your bills? Im trying to make some for myself and cant seem to figure it out

Stephanie said...

Absolutely love this!!! Would love to win your dashboard!! And please let me know if you open an etsy shop ;-)

Ashlee said...

Great video! Thanks for posting!

Kristin Pappas said...

You should definitely consider selling your planner dividers and dashboard, because I would definitely purchase both!!

Jade said...

I've always wondered if using white erase markers on laminated sheets is a good idea for my planner. I like the flexibility of being able to erase, but I'm afraid the writing will disappear in no time since I use my planner so much. What is your take on this? Thanks!