Thursday, June 26, 2014

Foldout Planner Dashboard & Video

I decided I needed more real estate in my planner and a fold out dashboard was the way to go for me.
Some use the dashboard to hold sticky note pads but use it for todo items, notes about things that I need to add to my calendar or just misc items I want to remember.

*DISCLAIMER* this was not an original idea I came up with, I had seen this on one of the countless youtube videos that I watched about organizing planners.  This particular lady used this concept in her filofax and called it a fold out workboard.

Okay not that I got that out of the way lets get into it. I tried to create this a couple of different ways until I found the way that worked best.  I used a thin chipboard and cover it with cardstock - Epic Fail - way to stiff and bulky.  Then I tried it with a manilla folder and cover it with cardstock as well, I laminated it but again  Epic Fail - it was too thick and the laminator did not laminate it correctly.  So my final and successful attempt was using a colored hanging file folder, then I covered the inside with a very thin patterned paper and then laminated it. Score!  It worked great.  Now you could easily find a cute colored plastic-ey (for lack of a better word) file folder you find at that office supply store but for me I wanted to use what I had.

Here is what it looks like:

When you first open to is I have my color code system and at the top you can see the tab I created that says today.

Then you flip it open and see it this way...notice the NOW tab. lol I rand out of small o's and a's so I wanted something short and sweet, obviously if I am looking at it then it's happening right now so the word NOW seemed to fit...and I had enough letters. lol

I have grocery list attached and then a couple of reminder stickers and an sticky note about calling a client. As you can see it opens up and I can see all of these things as I view my weekly spread or even my monthly spread.

So to create this I used the following items:

The tab punch and it comes with clear fold over labels so the tab is laminated, looks great! I could have printed it but I used small letter stickers instead for my NOW and Today.

 This is the file folder and the thin patterned paper, it came from a paper pad I think I got from Michael's.  It's very thin and one sided so it was not too bulky at all.

And now a video for you to see it...this is my first YouTube, sorry for the format I filmed it on my phone for easy access...but that won't happen again. lol

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Sita McGuire said...

Luv this idea! Going to try this with my plum paper planner! Thanks!