Monday, January 20, 2014

Art Journal.....Do you keep an art journal?

I love looking at Art Journal's that people create and I am in awe of them.  They just inspire me so much, I don't have to take on another "hobby" but I really want to start one.

I mean I can have one and just when I feel like working in it or when I have time I will.  I love quotes and I have tons written down and tons that I have pinned so I figured this would the theme of my art journal.  Just words that I like and use techniques I want to try.  After all it's art, or my interpretation of art, lol.

Now choosing a journal was the hardest decision for me.  I like the ones that were bound then I like the ones that were just pages and people put them in a small binder or handbook.  After I thought about it for a while I decided that a handbook was the route I wanted to take.  So I created my first art journal page on a 6x8 sheet of card stock with the idea that I would buy a new cute handbook.

This my first art journal page ever:

I was all prepared to find a handbook but then, as I was trying to clean up my craft area and I was getting all my 2014 project life stuff together I came across a book that I bought while at a resale place.  I love the the title and I knew this was exactly what I wanted to use. The title is "The Heart of a Woman" by Maya Angelou.

 I tore out some pages here and there to help thin it out a little and then I got started with the inside cover, here is what it looks like.

I am so excited to have this as my place to just be creative with just whatever comes to mind.


brenda said...

love your first page - great job!!

Suzzi said...

So glad you wrote this entry. I have been watching videos of art journals as well (Namely vicky papaioannou on youtube).

Not sure if I am going to start one yet, but will watch as yours grows and maybe enough to get me started. Good luck!

Mamey said...

I love your art journal!