Thursday, December 16, 2010

Becky Higgin's Project Life 2011

Are you familiar with Becky Higgins' Project Life? I love to scrapbook and even though I have not dedicated the time to it that I would like to it's still a strong passion for me. So with Project Life it allows me to combine my love for photography, my love for scrapbooking and my love for my family all into one. I am so excited for the 2011 kit to come out, I check for it's availabilty! It's the best way to capture the littlest moments on a day to day basis that you may normally for get about or that never make it in to your regular albums.

And to celebrate the release Becky Higgins is pairing up with a photographer, Amy Fischer to give a way a free kit....and your's truly is trying to win it.

Just look at this beautiful new design, I want this sooo bad!!!!

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