Sunday, October 19, 2008

One little bitty, teeny tiny sneak peak!

I got back home from Philadelphia, PA today. I'm exhausted, so beat but I wanted to give one of my BESTEST friends a sneak peak at just FOUR images from the weekend shoot. I traveled up there for a short weekend to do her enagement session and to slide in a few family shots.

I wish I could have stayed longer....Nikki I have to come back there soon! I cannot wait for the wedding.

So on that note I am tired and really need to go to sleep, so until I get to finish editing, this is all you get for now! I must really like you, despite the lack of sleep (due to late night talks and laughs "27 CALLS") and the fact that I got up at the crack of dawn both days, I managed to load the images up and edit two quick ones for you!

Oh and just from looking through them, they look great! You are going to have a hard time choosing images!

Your family is BEAUTIFUL!!!

I loved this one....I love the fisheye lens your hands look like that are going to pop out of the photo....LOL!

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